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5G Internet

5G Internet is top of mind for many telecom companies as well as consumers who are eagerly awaiting the next generation technology. 5G standards are currently being defined to prepare for the future of communication. This new technology is likely to touch all industries including a role in the Internet of Things.

What 5G Internet Means for IoT

IoT is already working to connect devices with Machina Research forecasts that 5G will account for 10 million cellular IoT connections in 2024. With so many connected devices there needs to be a network that can handle all the data that will be exchanged. High bandwidth IoT applications such as connected cars and smart cities are likely to benefit the most from 5G technology.

An IoT Platform for 5G

Smart cities and connected cars that will be using 5G internet will require a horizontal IoT platform that can connect complex and disparate applications and devices. The platform will need to provide users with the ability to streamline operations by automating device management and allow for completely lifecycle management of fixed and mobile devices and applications on devices.

IoT security will also need to be addressed on the platform to ensure that devices carrying sensitive data to a car or building are kept secure. The platform should included a multi-tenanted system that can provide secure access to gateways, aggregators, sensors, meters, etc. It should also allow for delegation and assignment of secure user roles based on individual security policies of an enterprise and provide 2-way authentication, certificates, encryption and keys  to provide an end-to-end chain of trust.

Customers looking to leverage IoT and 5G will need to look for an IoT solution that provides deep insights and a holistic approach to management to ensure data is secure, authentic and validated for usage.

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Machina Research forecasts that 5G will account for 10 million cellular IoT connections in 2024


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