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Creating the Connected Car

How Automakers Can Build a Connected Car

According to a Business Insider report there will be over 380 million connected cars on the road by 2021 and the market has seen a significant increase in automakers plans to connect the majority of the vehicles they sell. For automobile manufacturers this represents a significant business opportunity. To be successful automakers will not only need partnerships with technology companies but they will also need an IoT platform that can securely manage the connected devices in vehicles that are spread across countries.

Leveraging a Horizontal IoT Platform

Connected cars are already on the market, but for a truly smart car to be created automobile manufacturers will need to partner with other companies to create the connected car, such as
mobile providers to create connected cars that can manage the complex in-car components, technology companies that will develop third party apps and will need to ensure consumers information is secure. Horizontal device management offers automakers an ideal solution. Implementing a standards-based IoT platform will allow for management of any device, protocol or application. Nokia’s IMPACT IoT platform is the Intelligent Management Platform for All Connected Things which will allow connected cars to be secure and help carmakers increase revenue with upsetting opportunities directly to the consumer.

Benefits of Horizontal Device Management:

  • Data collection
  • Event processing
  • Device management
  • Data contextualization
  • Data analytics
  • Security
  • Application enablement

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There will be over 380 million connected cars on the road by 2021

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