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Automotive IoT & the connected car

Predictions estimate that there will be 381 million connected cars on the road by 2020, an increase from 36 million in 2015. With a 958% growth anticipated over five years, implementing secure and scalable automotive IoT technologies to support expansion is critical for the industry.

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Automative IoT

Extraordinary market expansion opportunity for automotive IoT.

High-performance mobile connectivity and secure device management solutions are enabling the connected car to become available to the masses. The Internet of Things (IoT) gives consumers the option to include safety enhancements and product offerings in their car purchase while providing manufacturers a unique opportunity to increase revenue streams across the vehicle’s life.

Connected car penetration is currently at 12% and expected to hit 34% in 2021. Security and protecting personal information will be necessary for automotive manufacturers, fleets, and consumers as this trends upwards.

Smart City

IoT: Transforming the automotive industry into a fully connected ecosystem

New forms of revenue:

The IoT represents a new revenue stream for the automotive industry. As technology improves, savvy companies will capitalize on the opportunity to cross-sell for new services and monetize on the connected car.

Streamlined services:

The Internet of Things offers a more efficient and effective way to manage software updates in real time.

Interoperability & Analytics

Automotive companies use data to analyze performance and obtain valuable insights on how drivers interact with their cars

Increase business value with IoT

Forward-thinking automotive companies are using smart technology to enhance product offerings and increase their share of new market trends. Contact us today to learn how to grow market value with intelligent investments in the IoT ecosystem.

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