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The world’s smartest cities.

Smart cities will soon become the norm in major metropolitan zip codes across the globe. Cities such as London, Singapore, and New York have already begun adopting next generation IoT technology to enhance city life.

Designed to continuously collect and analyze data from sensors, lights, and meters, smart city technologies deliver key insights that can be leveraged to increase operational efficiency, cut unnecessary costs, and create better lives for city residents.

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Smart Cities Initiative

Enhancing the quality of life for city dwellers around the globe.

Smart cities infuse the city services that residents interact with on a daily basis with connected capabilities. Whether it’s public safety initiatives, building automation, traffic control, or waste management, enhanced connectivity through effective M2M device management promises to transform every aspect of city life.

Given its potential to streamline municipal communication, improve quality of life, and reduce long-term costs, it’s no wonder progressive cities around the world are jumping at the opportunity to invest in smart technology. Find out why other cities are looking to Bristol, UK as a leader in open innovation because of their investment in an IoT ecosystem.

Monetize IoT - Smart Cities

Technology is changing city life for the better.

Streamlined services.

IoT offers a more efficient and effective way to manage city services like parking, water, traffic, waste, lighting and more.

Improved city operations.

Robust sensors and the continuous flow of data allow city agencies to monitor traffic and public safety incidents in real-time and resolve issues promptly.

A better life for residents.

With smart technology, residents can readily access the resources they need most – including emergency services, payment portals, public WiFi, and more.

Chattanooga, Tennessee: IoT innovation at its best

Chattanooga is an outstanding example of how municipalities can benefit from the Internet of Things. Since 2008, local government has been leveraging smart technology to transform the city into a sought-after place to live and work.

Creating the next Silicon Valley.

Chattanooga’s IoT investment is paying off big time. The city’s smart grid and lightning-fast network are acting as a catalyst for new technology and service innovation. This change is particularly appealing to entrepreneurs and talented pioneers in the tech industry. Thanks to the city’s strategic use of IoT scalability, the city is able to monetize IoT technology and a startup culture is emerging in Chattanooga that may someday rival that of Silicon Valley.

Tour one of the most connected cities in the world.

Learn about how Chattanooga, previously known as the most polluted city in the United States, evolved to become one of the most connected cities in the world by taking advantage of the business value of IoT data analytics. Take our 360° VR video tour of Chattanooga.

Invest in smart technology.

The time for cities to invest in smart technology and adopt a smart city IoT is now. Learn more about leveraging enhanced connectivity to create a city that residents and businesses are proud to call home.

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