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4 IoT Technology Predictions for 2017

IoT is no longer something that will arrive someday soon. It’s officially here to stay and poised to disrupt everything – from the enterprise to homes to city infrastructures. To celebrate, we’ve rounded up the most important IoT technology predictions for 2017, so that organizations and people everywhere feel prepared for the next big thing:

1. A Massive Shift Towards Creating Connected Products.

In 2017, device manufacturers will shift towards creating and marketing connected “things.” They will be focused on turning their products into services, which of course will be associated with a host of new challenges.

In general, manufacturers are used to creating products and relying on other companies to supply the service. Next year, they will attempt to offer everything – the device, the services, and the applications. To successfully make the move to a service-based business model, they will need to embrace the right IoT technology and horizontal platforms.

2. A Focus on Improving Customer Experiences Through Connectedness.

By creating more connected products, device manufacturers can deliver new and improved experiences for their customers. This is significant because offering a service can drive revenue and improve client loyalty.

To do this successfully and maintain the greatest competitive advantage, manufacturers will need to proactively manage their customer relationships and ensure that they’re delivering the value they want. This is where IoT technology and IoT data analytics can be extremely helpful in driving actionable insights.

3. A Holistic Approach to IoT Security.

In the past, IoT security has often been looked at as an afterthought, but that’s no longer going to cut it next year. In 2017, we’re going to see security taken much more seriously, with the industry as a whole looking for ways to provide holistic solutions and end-to-end security that will keep customers safe.

4. A Shift Towards Managed Services.

With IoT technology, companies are adopting systems and networks that they don’t necessarily have the skills or resources to manage. In 2017, these companies will embrace managed services, so that they can reap the benefits of IoT without being responsible for controlling the entire network once the solutions are deployed. 

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