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Use Cases for Intelligent Video Surveillance Solutions in Cities and Businesses

Video surveillance has surged in recent years thanks in part to the falling cost of cameras. Naturally, this has seen the amount of footage jump significantly to a point where humans simply can’t keep up.

Studies have found that humans can only study continuous video footage effectively for 22 minutes¹ after which point, they miss 95% of activity. Additionally, humans only have a 45% detection rate when nine screens are monitored at once.2

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Intelligent video surveillance solutions that incorporate machine learning and AI offer a solution to this problem. Here are six use cases for intelligent video products that cities and businesses can implement today.

Business Use Cases for Intelligent Video Surveillance Solutions

Theft and Crime Detection

Many businesses are open books when it comes to public access. Very often there is little stopping people—employees or otherwise—from walking into secure areas or committing acts of theft. Intelligent video surveillance solutions can reduce your risk.

Smart video analytics software can detect people loitering or accessing a restricted area and immediately notify security. At the same time, it can also detect known security threats as soon as they enter stores or anyone else acting suspiciously and notify store managers with real-time alerts.

Customer Insights

Security is just one benefit of video analytics. These intelligent systems can also help stores increase business by providing a range of customer insights such as time in store, the most popular areas and items, and store flow. By analyzing and implementing these insights store owners can take steps to significantly improve both the customer experience and profitability.

Industry Use Cases

Customer insights and security are two of the most common business use cases for intelligent video surveillance solutions, but most systems are flexible. Businesses in specific industries, such as travel or finance, can adjust systems to meet their needs. Consider your business’s unique surveillance needs and applications, then look for intelligent video tools that can adapt to your situation.

Municipal Use Cases for Intelligent Video Surveillance Solutions

Most cities already have a network of thousands of CCTV cameras. Combine CCTV cameras with smart video analytics and public officials can significantly improve public safety and quality of life in several ways.

Traffic and Roadway Improvements

Intelligent video surveillance solutions can monitor traffic flow and highlight congestion areas so that city planners can make changes to improve traffic efficiency. They can also highlight, in real-time, when debris on roads needs to be cleared.

Public Transportation Safety

Video analytics minimizes risks in public transportation hubs Systems can detect unidentified left luggage and track owners, help crews manage crowds, and alert authorities to other threats to public safety.

Cameras are also being installed within public vehicles such as buses, trams, and trains. A recent study found that 97 percent of respondents across 30 countries had already done so.³ Incorporating intelligent video analytics with cameras can enable public authorities to eliminate overcrowding, ensure safety, and highlight threats and crime in real-time.


Intelligent analysis won’t just improve safety, it can also help cities increase and improve tourism. The most popular sites and tourist routes can be identified so that city authorities can work to make the tourist experience even better—and more profitable.

The Market is Embracing Intelligence Video Solutions

The move toward intelligent video surveillance is already underway. Mckinsey & Company forecast that these solutions will be of high importance to both cities and retail locations by 2020.4 As we come to the end of 2018 and start looking forward to 2019, where does your organization stand? Are you incorporating smart video technology, or are you at risk of being left behind?



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