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Implementing an Internet of Things Platform

Internet of Things Platform for Horizontal Management

Businesses and governments alike are realizing and embracing the potential of the Internet of Things. With Gartner predicting that 6.4 billion devices will be connected by the end of 2016 alone, the true challenge now lies in addressing how to properly manage all the connected devices across business units.

An Internet of Things platform that promotes security, scalability and monetization for Internet of Things strategy while supporting horizontal management for varied verticals is becoming imperative to keeping up with shifting business demands and expanding into new market opportunities.

With horizontal management, organizations can leverage the power of the Internet of Things with a platform that offers connectivity, data collection, analytics, business application development and device and service management in a modular design that provides a holistic solution to connect operator and enterprise networks or addresses specific organizational needs by integrating with existing infrastructure.

The IMPACT Internet of Things Platform

Nokia’s IMPACT (Intelligent Management Platform for All Connected Things) offers an Internet of Things platform solution for a range of industries, including telecom operators, device manufacturers, municipalities, utilities, and more. The platform allows organizations to effectively manage devices through features such as:

  • Data collection
  • Fault monitoring
  • Standards-based protocols for device communication
  • High-level REST APIs
  • Platform access control

Benefits of Nokia’s IMPACT Solution

Internet of Things platforms such as Nokia IMPACT address several common challenges faced when deploying an Internet of Things strategy, including difficulties in managing fragmented Internet of Things ecosystems that consist of disparate applications and devices. Horizontal device management means organizations can streamline operations and businesses can manage the complete lifecycle for fixed and mobile devices and their applications.

Additional benefits include:

  • End-to-end security through each solution layer
  • Scalability to create revenue opportunities
  • Cost savings through flexible solution design


To learn more about the Nokia’s Internet of Things platform download the data sheet.

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6.4 billion devices will be connected by the end of 2016


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