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IoT Security Solution

IoT Security Challenges

The Internet of Things presents myriad of security concerns for consumers and businesses alike and as more devices become connected the IoT security challenges will need to be addressed. There is a rush to develop devices and get them to market quickly,  however devices must be developed with security in mind. Additionally, companies will need an IoT platform that can handle encrypted data, authentic devices and have the ability to roll out security patches to all devices.

Some of the current security challenges include:

  • Protecting devices in remote locations
  • Preparing for weather-related threats
  • Keeping network access secure
  • Accounting for longevity of devices and advancing risks
  • Addressing vulnerabilities inherent in the complexity of IoT

Enhancing Security for the Internet of Things

There have already been several high-profile security breaches with smart devices, such as the hijacking a connected car in a test of security capabilities. For all businesses, IoT control and security is a top priority. To make improvements, companies need an IoT platform that considers security first to ensure devices are protected before they go online and has a system in place to monitor data for any potential threats. IoT devices present a particularly unique security need as these devices have a lifespan of 10+ years while many other similar technologies used for mobile phones or computers only have to work for a few years before a new model is released. Companies must be prepared with a flexible security solution that can account for dynamic changes in the future.

Adopting an IoT Security Solution

Each company must consider their own security needs to choose a platform that will allow them to reduce complexity and cost to provide a secure connection for all smart devices. An IoT security platform should include real-time updates to monitor all devices. Additionally, an IoT solution should allow users to security manage IoT devices with shared liability, prevent device tampering, automatically detect devices and gateways, remotely provision and manage devices, perform routine maintenance and collect diagnostics, and provide firmware updates to avoid recalls and keep device configuration secure.

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Companies need an IoT platform that considers security first to ensure devices are protected before they go online.

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