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IoT Solutions

Our innovative IoT solutions enable operators, service providers, device manufacturers, and enterprises to create and grow an Internet of Things optimized network.

Operator Solutions

Consumers demand connectivity at all times. Currently there are over 10 billion connected devices that need to be managed. As the Internet of Things brings in even more connected devices operators will need to be prepared to meet the expectations of mobile customers as well as industries using connected devices. Our solution allows operators to reduce network and device management costs, simplify deployment of new mobile services, and create new revenue streams.

Service Provider Solutions

Service providers are tasked with managing a complex and sometimes disjointed process to deliver reliable service. Our solutions allow service providers reduce costs by remotely managing devices. We can also simplify operations with analytics that provide insights into efficiency and improve customer service. These solutions also allow service providers to gain new revenue streams to grow their business.

Device Manufacturer Solutions

Device manufacturers need to be able not only quickly certify devices to get them to market but need to be able to easily manage the devices once they are out on the market. We make this simple for device manufacturers with our solutions that allow them to onboard, activate and manage connected devices. This consolidated approach means device manufacturers can decrease operation costs, quickly resolve problems and improve customer experience.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprises face the challenge of connecting thousands of employees that may be spread across the country or even the world. These companies also need to be able to effectively manage data center demands, unique visibility requirements and authorization requirements. Enterprises need an efficient and cost-effective solution that can adapt to handle emerging business opportunities and expanding user needs.

Automotive Solutions

The intelligently connected car and its promise of seamless connectivity and personalization is strongly influencing car purchasing decisions with 37 precent of McKinsey 2015 Consumer Survey respondents saying they’d switch car manufacturers if it was the only one that offered full access to apps, media and data. Now Automakers must partner with mobile providers to create smart cars that can manage the complex in-car components and keep drivers connected all while being scalable and easy to manage.

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