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Asset Reliability Optimization

Provide higher quality service at a lower cost.

Help your utility keep up with increasing urbanization and energy demand with advanced analytics. Analytics help utilities review grid performance and identify outages so they can provide faster, more effective resolutions. Asset Reliability Optimization helps utilities:

  • Avoid and reduce unplanned outages
  • Improve crisis response and reduce outage duration
  • Improve regulatory compliance

Utility Asset Management

Nokia offers Asset Reliability Optimization as a solution for utility companies that want to improve traditional grid performance and implement smart grid technologies. IoT devices and advanced AI algorithms like machine learning to provide better information while lessening your staff’s workload.

  • SAIDI, SAIFI, CAIFI, and CAIDI metrics and reports
  • Tools for monitoring and identifying outages
  • Restoration priority reports based on outage consequences

Improve Compliance and Reliability Metrics

In-depth reporting and analysis helps you estimate, forecast, and report on reliability metrics and how they’ll be impacted by outages. Prioritize outage response accordingly and update your infrastructure investment and maintenance plans to improve future operations.

Download the Asset Reliability Optimization Datasheet

View Data from Multiple Sources in One Place

Predict asset risk and failure with Asset Intelligence

Asset Reliability Optimization’s dashboards include information from your outage management system, analytics applications, IT, and other sources to create a complete view of outages. Comprehensive data and visualization can help your team make better decisions based on data and trends.

IoT Applications that Improve Business Performance

Nokia’s IoT technology focuses on helping cities, businesses, and CSPs improve their services and lower costs. Asset Reliability Optimization provides utilities with the data and visualization capabilities they need to locate and resolve outages faster to improve customer satisfaction and reduce expenses.

Download the datasheet to see how Asset Reliability Optimization could improve your utility’s performance.

Nokia’s internet of things (IoT) applications help businesses and utility providers optimize their operations to provide safe, efficient services to customers and the public.

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