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Smart Building Energy Management

Reduce costs and cut your carbon footprint with smart energy management

Buildings account for a tremendous amount of energy and expenses. Heating and cooling alone make up 40% of commercial building energy consumption. Lighting is another 30%, with the remaining percentages going to critical systems such as elevators, security, and fire safety.

Each system uses energy and costs money to maintain – especially if they don’t operate efficiently or energy drifts occur over time.

Smart buildings with IoT technology are making these problems easier to tackle with energy management systems. The Nokia Smart Building Energy Management application monitors and controls critical building systems to ensure they operate efficiently from the moment they’re implemented. Reporting and alerts help managers see areas with high energy use and pinpoint places where consumption can be cut down or used more wisely to:

  • Reduce energy consumption and alleviate high utility bills
  • Decrease maintenance costs and total cost of building ownership
  • Lower environmental impact and support energy certification
  • Make energy management easier and more effective by bringing disparate components under a single system


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Who benefits from Smart Building Energy Management?

Retail Building Owners – By optimizing energy consumption and identifying energy drifts, retail buildings can see an ROI of more than 25%.

Skyscraper Owners and Managers – Owners and managers can use Smart Building Energy Management to detect and correct drifts, resulting in consumption savings of up to 18%.

Municipal and Public Buildings – City-managed buildings, such as auditoriums, can use Smart Building Energy Management to better control major cost generators like heating and cooling for annual savings up to 14%.

Download the application note to see how other industries have used Smart Building Energy Management to save thousands of dollars every year.

How does Smart Building Energy Management work?

Smart Building Energy Management works with the Nokia IMPACT IoT platform to combine information from building sensors, energy meters, device and utility controllers, operational equipment, and cameras, into one system. Smart Building Energy Management then creates a complete view of the building’s energy consumption.

Nokia Smart Building Energy Management includes:

  • Monitoring and controls for A/C, lighting, heating, ventilation, elevators, and more
  • Automatic reporting
  • Real-time detection of energy drifts to improve reactivity
  • Integration with existing building management systems, or independent operation with pre-existing components

New and established buildings can both use Smart Building Energy Management. New buildings simply integrate existing control systems with the platform to quickly start monitoring and improving energy use. In older buildings, it’s easy to install new sensors that work with the platform.

"Smart Energy Building Management sends us an email as soon as an energy drift is detected. The origin of the problem is given, so we get a quick view of our over-consumptions."

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