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Water Events Prediction

Improve railway safety and efficiency.

Get actionable information on future outcomes of water events that could cause rail washout failures. Water Events Prediction uses advanced predictive analytics to model likely future outcomes so railway maintenance and risk management professionals can proactively address problems.

Water Events Prediction helps:

  • Improve passenger and crew safety.
  • Enhance operational efficiency.
  • Increase profitability.

Water Events Prediction

Nokia offers Water Events Prediction as a solution for railroad companies that need advanced warning of water events to ensure the safety of their crew and keep operations on schedule. Nokia’s Water Events Prediction uses analytics modeling that:

  • Collects and correlates real-time and historical data.
  • Predicts asset condition and operation.
  • Optimizes and automates networks of people and assets.
  • Provides real-time visualization.

Download the Water Events Prediction Application Note

Reduce the Impact of Water Events

High water levels on railway tracks and increasingly common extreme weather put tracks at a high risk of water events that could cause derailment or infrastructure damage. Water Events Prediction highlights risk in advance so staff can act to keep operations moving smoothly.

Increase Safety and Efficiency

Use up to 72 hours of advanced warning to make crucial decisions about railway operations and crew assignments. Water Events Prediction gives you the forecast models you need to avoid sending staff into dangerous situations and plan logistics that keep materials moving with minimal risk and delay.

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IoT Applications that for Transportation and Safety

Nokia’s IoT technology helps railway and transportation companies optimize their operations and increase safety for their crew. Water Events Prediction provides the predictive modeling and visualization railways need to deal with water event risk before it impacts operations and staff.

Download the application note to see how Water Events Prediction can keep your railway’s people and goods moving safely.

Advanced analytics is transforming operations for early detection and rectification of issues before they lead to failure and disruption.

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