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M2M Device Management

A Connected World: Managing billions of devices and limitless possibility

We live in a time when the number of mobile devices deployed globally exceeds the world’s population, and yet we are still at the forefront of wireless evolution. Seamless connectivity is a way of life that drives expectations of real-time, convenience-driven automation. A scalable M2M / IoT device management platform enables businesses to capitalize on this growth and support the billions of new devices emerging in the marketplace.

Key Capabilities of M2M/IoT Device Management

IoT Device Management Server:

The base framework for all device management capabilities.

  • Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) standards-based server
  • In-network installation or cloud-hosted solution
  • Multi-tenant architecture with hardened partitions
  • Scalable support for hundreds of millions of endpoints on a single instance
  • Robust administration interface with scheduling and reporting
  • Automatic detection of devices as they attach to the network
  • Progressive view of actions, messages, and transactions
  • Automated notification system
  • Rich Web-services APIs for easy integration

Endpoint Solutions: 

A range of deployment options for complete end-to-end management of connected endpoints, including:

  • Extensive portfolio of certified clients and endpoints
  • Support for a wide range of OMA-defined management objects
  • Extensibility to proprietary devices and machines
  • Source code device client for easy integration by equipment manufacturers
  • Top-tier device certification and interoperability programs

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A scalable M2M Device Management platform enables businesses to capitalize on this growth and support the billions of new devices emerging in the marketplace.


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