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The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things

What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things refers to physical devices being connected to and accessed through the internet. New devices are connecting each day with the help of rapid advancements in machine-to-machine (M2M) communication technology. It is predicted that 27 billion devices will be connected by 2024. We make management of all these devices easy.

The explosion of connected devices calls for robust networks and management to enable businesses to benefit from the many IoT opportunities involved. At the heart of IoT solutions is the drive to make work and life easier and safer. The rise of automated ‘intelligent’ devices within automotive and healthcare industries make the secure and reliable management of these devices critical especially if they are to scale in operation.

Connected Car, Home, City, Life and Industry

Driven by the consumer push for seamless connectivity, connected car solutions include in-vehicle telematics that can save consumers money on insurance and software over-the-air updates that can replace traditional maintenance work providing greater efficiency. Connected homes allow for automating functionalities such as security, heating and lighting which extends to improving cities and infrastructure with smart metering and smart water management. Connected life solutions such as those within mHealth are coming to market rapidly as consumers begin to adopt wearables at the same time medical professionals are discovering the benefits of tools such as smart glasses and of remote patient monitoring which can improve health and reduce costs.

Control and Security for IoT

Standards-based solutions that enable IoT solutions across all industries. Our strong relationships with mobile carriers and technology providers combined with extensive experience in mobility management make us best placed to provide simple, secure and most importantly scalable management of all IoT solutions.

Key Benefits include:

  • Standards-based solutions to ensure interoperability across all devices, geographies, service providers, operators and networks
  • Real-time diagnostics and insights for immediate attention and action
  • Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) updates to respond to device issues in real time
  • Horizontal platform for integration in any IoT application
  • End to end security with hardened, multi-tenanted partitions
  • Global network of ecosystem partners including carriers, operators, OEMs and system integrators

M2M - Connected world, life, car, home and industry

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As many rush to take advantage of the Internet of Things, solutions are being created to suit many different areas including connected car, cities, homes, life and industry, it is important to partner with a standards-based provider for device management. OMA has recognised that standards are a mandatory requirement within M2M and IoT applications and Mformation have worked closely with them to provide a solid framework that enables robust management of the many and multifarious devices connecting to the internet.

Our standards-based solutions enable the most simple devices to the most complex and have strong relationships with tier one carriers.

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